What is the

It is a submersible water pump that drains pools, hot tubs and water flooding.

Host attachment

Easy connection

The V- Pump water pump easily connects to your garden hose with the provided quick-connect. Simply screw onto your garden hose and snap to the V-Pump’s inlet valve.


Purchase the V-Pump

For more details on V-Pump you can also visit v-pump.com.

You can either purchase your V-Pump directly through PayPal or via Amazon via the links below:



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Hi, just bought a V-pump. I was a little suspicious at first but then started using it on a home based plumbing project after my sump pump failed. I must say I am very happy, especially the self cleaning action and it’s ability to get to the last drops of liquid in dirty water situations. Great work guys.”

Garth Watson, 2013

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